The AME invites educators, researchers, and others with interest in moral development and moral education to join as members.

Full registration in an annual conference automatically includes membership dues for the following calendar year (January to December). Only those not registering for the present year's conference need to use one of the following methods to either become members of the Association, or to renew their existing membership.

Benefits & Dues

Membership benefits include a subscription to the AME Forum and the Journal of Moral Education (JME).

The dues for a new membership are $95 U.S. dollars; $65 U.S. dollars for student (full-time) membership.

The dues for renewing your membership are the same as new membership dues: $95 U.S. dollars; $65 U.S. dollars for student (full-time) membership.

Applications for JME/AME Reduced Rate Membership Grants for full-time students, unemployed individuals, untenured faculty from developing countries (as defined by the IMF), and retired individuals are available. Click here for an application.

Join AME

To become a new AME member, click here.

Renew Your Membership

If you attended the AME 2015 conference in Brazil, your renewal membership dues for the following calendar year (January to December 2015) were automatically included in your full registration fees. No further action is required to maintain your membership status.

If you are an AME member and did not attend the AME 2015 conference, or you attended but did not pay full registration fees (e.g., you registered for one day), and you wish to remain an AME member, click here to renew your membership.




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AME membership includes a subscription to the Journal of Moral Education.