AME annual conferences present its members with special opportunities to discuss their work in the areas of moral development and moral education with colleagues from around the world. They are sponsored by major universities and held throughout North America and internationally.

43nd Annual Conference

Our 43nd Annual Conference will be in St Louis, MO, November 2-4, 2017. Information about the conference and the call for papers is available on the conference website.



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2015 Sao Paulo, Brazil
(Ulisses Araujo) "Inequity, Social Justice and Moral Education"

2014 Pasadena, California
(Peter Samuelson) "Thriving Individuals, Thriving Communities: The Role of Moral Education in Human Flourishing"

2013 Montreal, Canada
(Bruce Maxwell) Multiculturalism, Interculturalism and Education: Pursuing the Common Good Through Dialogue and Recognition"

2012 San Antonio, TX
(Rebecca Glover) ”Civility vs. Incivility:  Respectful Disagreement in a Divided World”

2011 Nanjing, China
(Monica Taylor)” Cultivating Morality: Human Beings, Nature, and the World” co-sponsored with APNME and JME

2010 St Louis, Missouri
(Wolfgang Althof, Bryan Sokol) "Gateway to Justice: Meeting the Moral Challenges of Social Inequality"

2009 Utrecht, The Netherlands
(Daniel Brugman) "Cultivating Tolerance: Moral Functioning and its Development"

2008 South Bend, Indiana
(Clark Power) "Faith, Democracy, Values: The Challenge of Moral Formation in Families, Schools, and

2007 New York, NY
(Mary Brabeck) "Civic Education, Moral Education, and Democracy in a Global Society"

2006 Fribourg, Switzerland (Fritz Oser) "Getting Involved: Global Citizenship Development and Sources of Moral Values"

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