The Association for Moral Education (AME) is a non-profit organization under the provisions of the Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation Act and is recognized as a §501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States.


  • To provide a forum for professionals who represent a wide variety of positions in moral education.

  • To foster communication, cooperation, training, and research in moral education.

  • To serve as a resource in matters related to moral education.

The Association for Moral Education (AME) was founded in 1976 to provide an interdisciplinary forum for professionals interested in the moral dimensions of educational theory and practice. The Association is dedicated to fostering communication, cooperation, training, curriculum development, and research that links moral theory with educational practice. It supports self-reflective educational practices that value the worth and dignity of each individual as a moral agent in a pluralistic society.

The Association emphasizes the development of moral understanding in all individuals, and believes that such development requires opportunities for engagement in moral dialogue. Through its program of conferences and publications, the AME serves as a resource to educators, practitioners, students, and the public in matters related to moral education and development, provides expertise on educational policies and practices, and provides information about moral education to interested parties in the general public.

The AME is governed by an Executive Board elected by and drawn from its membership, and the active participation of all of the members of the Association is encouraged. Members include public and private school teachers and administrators, counselors and psychologists, philosophers, sociologists, researchers, teacher educators, religious educators, and graduate students interested in advancing the study of moral education. The AME invites all professionals interested in moral education to be members.




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